Thirty-two years in the business will teach a person something. And one thing you learn is how a vehicle should be repaired. In most cases, an insurance company is going to have the last word on whether components on your vehicle should be repaired or replaced and how much services will cost. Experience and advanced training has taught us how to handle automotive claims for our customers, and to deal with insurance companies.

We are a full service facility, and will handle any automotive insurance claim in its entirety.

We won't hang a part on your car that we wouldn't hang on our own. We'll replace your fender if we wouldn't repair it on our own vehicle. It's part of the reason you can have confidence in our Warranty. And if necessary, we will talk directly with your insurance company to get things straightened out.


We Are Rhino Linings Dealer

Tough doesn't even scratch the surface.

Rhino Linings, the industry pioneer and worldwide leader in sprayed-on polyurethane linings, continues to redefine "toughness". Rhino Linings thick, durable linings provide superior protection for truck beds, jeeps, boats, trailers and a wide variety of consumer, commercial and industrial applications. With a name like Rhino, you can be sure you're getting the toughest protection for your investment.

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